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John Wall Basketball Recruiting Roundup

Posted by Marcus on October 1, 2008

Every year among the hundreds of good high school basketball players, a few start looking like stars even before they get a chance to prove themselves beyond the high school hardwood. One of the Class of 2009 stars is John Wall (PG, 6’4″, 2009), a lightning fast point man who is a one man fast break. I’ve written about Wall’s basketball recruiting journey quite a bit in the past on for a couple of reasons. First, he’s a North Carolina player. Second, he still lists his hometown NC State Wolfpack as an option for his likely one-and-done college career. Third, well, it’s hard to ignore a player who could be a lottery pick in another year.

The facets of John’s game are pretty well known. He’s incredibly explosive and athletic. He’s very, very fast up and down the floor. How fast? NBA scorch mark fast. There is no doubt that John Wall is athletic enough, explosive enough and downright speed-racer quick enough to play in the NBA.

The knocks on Wall are often related to his attitude. He sometimes seems to take plays off or disappear. He isn’t known as a deep shooter and despite sometimes playing great defense, he needs to do it much more often. I think Wall is probably the kind of player who probably will get drafted after his Freshman year, but in reality it would be nice to see him play three years in college, develop a shooting touch and a brand name before heading into the NBA. But, that’s a subject for another post on another day and has less to do with John Wall and a whole lot to do with the NBA.

So, maybe you watched Wall in the Rucker Park melee on ESPN and wondered what all the fuss was about, with one or two big time highlights in a very ragged game. Well, watch the video and wait for the breakaway dunk by Wall, who goes from what seems like a leisurely breakaway into a Dr. J leaping dunk in a fraction of a second (around the 0:50 mark).

In this blurry clip, you can see the explosiveness that everyone raves about.

So what about the recruiting of Wall? A lot of people think that the hiring of his trainer Dwon Clifton to Baylor indicates that Wall will no doubt end up there, and Wall is still listing them. But he is also still listing the aforementioned NC State, Kansas and Memphis, and recently he played pickup ball at Kentucky.

Here’s an excerpt from The Oklahoman’s, who discusses the Baylor hiring and how Oklahoma State went from being a “top three” choice to not in consideration over the summer:

Wall, who said Oklahoma State was in his top three early in the summer, didn’t mention the Cowboys in the story but talked about Kansas, Memphis, North Carolina State and Baylor.

That didn’t surprise OSU coaches. The Cowboys stopped recruiting Wall and got a commitment from point guard Ray Penn in early August, soon after Dwon Clifton, the brother of Wall’s AAU coach, accepted a position at Baylor.

With a player as talented as Wall, it’s no wonder so many people want to get involved.


3 Responses to “John Wall Basketball Recruiting Roundup”

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  2. Richard said

    I think one of the most important aspects of Wall’s recruitment is the involvement of William Wesley. You should have included this in the writeup. Good work.

  3. Marcus said

    I am avoiding direct statements I can’t verify, but WWW being involved is always a HUGE factor. It’s why several months ago I said I would be surprised if he went anywhere but Memphis. The Baylor thing surprised me.

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