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Never Too Late Basketball Tips

Posted by Marcus on October 3, 2008

One of the best basketball blogs I’ve ever come across is Never Too Late, the blog of former Harvard assistant coach Steve Bzomowski. The best part about Bzomowski’s writings is that unlike the brash, strategically devoid prattle that passes for sports media these days, Steve writes about basketball from the inside out, like why Kevin Garnett will goaltend a shot after the whistle, or why you should never catch a deflected pass.

A particularly insightful post is this one regarding mistakes he might have made in cutting certain players during his time as a coach.

Readers from my blog know that I like to point out players who I feel scouts and coaches might have missed. Bzomowski’s refreshing admission is something I hope many players will take to heart.

This is why sometimes the lesser known player on a college team becomes an NBA star. It’s not that the player suddenly got better. It’s that the coaches might not have realized his potential. When a new head coach comes into a program, he often drives out the recruits of the previous coach. That, on it’s face, is absurdity itself. I hate to use a specific example, but, when Matt Doherty was coaching at UNC, he had FOUR FUTURE NBA PLAYERS on his roster and still only made the NIT. The next year, Roy Williams went right back to the NCAA tournament with those same players. Sure, they were a year older, but I feel pretty confident it wasn’t just the extra 30 games.

At any rate, Steve’s blog has been around for about three years, I think, and reading through the archives is like going to several great basketball camps.


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