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St. John’s Makes Room for Lance

Posted by Marcus on November 24, 2008

Will Lance Stephenson end up at St. John’s? It would be a big recruiting win for them if he did, but it also points to the fact that a lot of schools just aren’t interested in the sideshow. St. John’s is ready for him, however, and is making sure they have a scholarship for him:

…Roberts indicated that if another recruit – presumably he meant city star Lance Stephenson of Lincoln High – chooses the Johnnies, something will happen to accommodate him.


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Basketball Recruiting & The NY All Star Game

Posted by Marcus on October 9, 2008

Nathan Blue (what’s up, Nathan!) writes about the rosters for the Jim Couch Reunion Game, coming October 18th at John F. Kennedy High School in the Bronx:

Players committed: Durand Scott, Tobias Harris, Jason Morris, Sherrod Wright, DaShaun Wiggins, Lance Stephenson and several other top players.

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Brandon Jennings Talks Family, Class of 2009

Posted by Marcus on October 6, 2008

So what does Brandon Jennings think of the class of 2009? Already, people are asking him who he thinks could go pro in Europe. It seems a little early to be asking a guy who just inked his first shoe contract a week or two ago this question, but his answer involves some of the better known players from the class of 2009:

Jennings said that three high school players in the class of 2009 — the California big men Renardo Sidney and Jordan Hamilton and Lance Stephenson of Brooklyn — were talented enough to play professionally in Europe. Stephenson’s father, Lance Sr., has expressed interest in making the move.

“I would ask them this: What do you want to get out of it?” Jennings said. “If they’re coming over here for the money, don’t do it. If they want to learn and get better, they should think about it. If you have a bad attitude, it’s not going to be good.”

Image from the New York Times

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James McAdoo, the ACC, the SEC and the Pac-10

Posted by Marcus on September 24, 2008

We posted a basketball recruiting report on James McAdoo (PF, 6’8″, 2011), who has offers from UCLA and Florida. He also is interested in Duke, UNC and is visiting Wake Forest.

Meanwhile, Lance Stephenson is going to visit St. John’s, and it wouldn’t surprise anyone if he ended up there.

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